The utilization of this web attributes to you the user's condition and implies his full acceptance and without you reserve to each and every of the dispositions included in this Legal Notice, for what if you do not agree with any of the conditions here established, it will not have to use / accede to this web.


[1.1] The visitors of this web have the users' consideration of the same one, who will find in him information related to the type of activity, products and services that we realize.

[1.2] The information and the materials included in the web have been obtained of sources considered like trustworthy. Nevertheless, in spite of having taken precautions and a half reasonable to assure the reliability of the information, there is not guaranteed that this one is exact, completes, and / or updated. Consistently, we decline any responsibility for the omission of information or for the publication of erroneous appeared information in this web.

[1.3] The information exhibited and / or facilitated by this web must have the consideration, on the part of the user, of general information, without it means that there could be estimated such information as determinant element for the capture of decisions on the part of the user of the web, for what we decline any responsibility derived from the lack of check of the same one, and of specific form there has to be understood that the above mentioned information submitted to the in force regulation in Spain, is not destined to those users who act under other jurisdictions of States that demand the fulfillment of different requirements for the putting to disposition, spreading or advertising of services relative to the activities and / or services publicized in this web.

[1.4] As lenders of services of the company of the information, we save ourselves the right to update, to modify or eliminate the information contained in this web, being able limit or not allow even the access to the above mentioned information, without previous notice. Specially, there remains reserved the right to eliminate, to border or prevent the access to the web when technical difficulties arise for facts or circumstances foreign to us that, to our criterion, diminish or annul the levels of standard safety adopted for the suitable functioning of this web.

[1.5] As lenders, we might establish at any time technical legal procedures to obtain anonymous information it brings over of his visitors, which would mean, in any case, that the above mentioned information might not be associated in any way with a concrete and identified user. This type of procedures preserve information as the name of domain of the supplier that leads to the network to the user, the date and hour of access to our web, the Internet direction from the one that divided the link or link that it directs our web, the number of daily visitors of every section, and information of analogous nature.

The end of the information and quiet information is statistical, in such a way that it allows us to acquire a major knowledge on the activity of the visitors of the web, in altars of improving the same one and / or increasing his presence online.

[1.6] The users, at any time, might deactivate the procedures of obtaining of information alluded in the previous explanatory point by means of the modification of the parameters of configuration of his mariner. Nevertheless the previous thing, the deactivation to which one alludes here does not concern or interferes in the navigability of the users in our web.

[1.7] The user authorizes us expresses and unequivocally to obtaining and treating the information that is generated as consequence of the utilization of this web, with the only purpose of offering him a more personalized and efficient navigation.


[2.1] As lenders, we decline any responsibility with regard to the information exhibited in this web, proceeding from sources foreign to we, as well as of the contents that we have not elaborated.

[2.2] The function of the links (links) that appear in this web is only and exclusively it of informing the user about the existence of other sources of information about the matter in Internet, where it will be able to extend the information offered in this web. Therefore, we will not be, in any case, responsible for the result obtained from the access to the above mentioned links or links.

[2.3] In no case, we will be responsible for the losses, the hurts or the prejudices of any nature that could arise for the access and / or use of this web, which includes the produced ones in IT systems or the provoked ones for virus or hackers' illicit activities (hackers). We will not also be responsible for the hurts that the users could suffer for an inadequate use of this web and, in some way, of the falls, interruptions, absence or fault in the telecommunications.

[2.4] As lenders, we do not take responsibility in any way of the possible discrepancies that could arise between the version of his printed documents and the electronic version of same published in his web pages or obtained electronically of this web.


[3.1] As lenders, we guarantee the protection of the information of our clients and users. This web does not recognize in an automatic way any information relating to the identity of the visitors of his pages. Nevertheless the previous thing, in the services online offered, in order to guarantee the safety and confidentiality, will be necessary the previous identification and authentication of the user in the system, across the request of keys of access. In those suppositions in which the user requests information about services or products or wants to realize the processing of claims or incidents, across the sending of resident forms in pages of the web, it will be in any case necessary to gather that personal information that correspond to be able to inform him about his request.

[3.2] As lenders of services of the company of the information and persons in charge of the files of personal information, we inform to the users of this web that all the information of personal character will be treated by absolute confidentiality, being used for the purposes that have been requested, in the frame of the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of protection of information of personal character (LOPD), the Law 34/2002, of July 11, of services of the company of the information and of electronic commerce (LSSI-CE) and other juridical applicable procedure.

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